The Merits of Opening a Vape Franchise Today

The Merits of Opening a Vape Franchise Today

The effects of cigarette smoking on human health have been studied for many years. Health professionals and ordinary people know the long term risks and consequences of habitual smoking. Many are addicted to the tobacco in cigarettes, however, which is why the government mandates the tobacco industry to place health risk warnings (complete with images of diseased lungs and people suffering from various kinds of cancers) on cigarette packaging. It is a public service exercise that aims to remind people of the risks of tobacco.

Research proves that graphic warnings discourage or at least get people to think twice before smoking a pack of cigarettes. The images trigger parts of the brain that motivates people to try and quit the habit.

Such warnings, however, are not required for e-cigarettes. The lack of a psychological deterrent, and the fact that e-cigarettes are known to be less of a health risk than tobacco cigarettes contribute to the increase of the demand for the product.

Market Conditions Are Ideal for E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes use vapor to mimic the sensation of smoking (hence its other popular name, vape) Over the years, the vaping industry has grown. Numerous vape brands now offer franchise opportunities to astute entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the high demand from smokers looking for a healthier alternative for their cigarettes.

Thinking of getting into the business yourself? Now is the right time. Here are some reasons why.

Excellent franchising options

Businessmen have seen that vape has huge market potential. As mentioned above, there are many franchising opportunities available today. All you need to do is have the right documents/requirements, a capital, a franchisor, some legwork, and you are good to go.

More and more people are shifting to vaping

Because of the growing awareness of the dangers of tobacco smoking, many are now trying to quit. Vaping is marketed as a good method to help smokers to eventually give up cigarettes. Another segment of the vape market are non-smokers who want to try what it’s like to smoke but don’t want to put their health at risk.

Technology continues to evolve

Vape with juice
A vape (or vaporizer) is a handy electronic device that heats flavored vape liquid and converts it to the aerosol that gives users the same sensation they get from smoking cigarettes. Vape technology is evolving at a fast pace, and the market can look forward to more improvements. Such developments, in turn, can attract more consumers.

Physical shops thrive

There are plenty of vape sellers online, but reports from credible sources say that 79 percent of customers buy their vape devices from retail stores. Also, fans of vaporizers tend to band together and form communities. They tend to go out for smoke breaks together and recommend products to one another. That’s why vape stores with outdoor spaces where customers can just sit, smoke, and chat tend to be popular among smokers.

Like in other businesses, it takes a lot of research and a budget before jumping into a business franchise. A franchise for a vape store is no different. Weigh the cons with these positive points so that you’ll arrive at an informed decision.

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