The Perfect Pretzel Ingredient Partners

The Perfect Pretzel Ingredient Partners

Who does not love pretzels? Barring a need to watch calories or blood sugar, it’s a tasty snack that you can mix with pretty much anything. Some people even engage in lucrative opportunities such as¬†a pretzel franchise¬†because of the demand for this food.

But not all pretzel dips are created equal. Some ingredients are a cut above the others, giving a new appeal to an otherwise familiar food or snack.

If you are to host a simple get-together with your family, you can serve these pretzel partners and have a memorable gastronomic blast with your loved ones. Here are some fan favorites that add a whole new level of flavor for your pretzels.

Bake It with Beer

Beer and Pretzels is a film name, a European tabletop game, and an excellent snacking choice for most people who are out for some fun and adventure. Soft pretzels go so well with taking the edge off hard beers. Beer somehow makes the pretzel even fluffier and tastier, especially when mixed with the right kind of dip.

Slather on Chocolate or Peanut Butter

Put pretzels in chocolate or peanut butter, and what do you get? It’s an instant food cult classic. You don’t even need to try too hard. You can slather Nutella or organic peanut butter on your pretzel, and it will taste equally divine. This dish is one of the combinations that take the least amount of preparation to pull off.

Dip It in Cheese or Cream Cheese

Imagine the sticky cheese goodness locking its flavors with your favorite pretzel. It’s heaven for your taste buds, for sure. Cheese or cream cheese dips make for an interesting combination, and it’s filling if you design your pretzels with this perfect partner.


Care for Spinach or Hummus?

There are a few odd ingredients here and there that you can mix up with the pretzel. If you want a vegetable serving to come with your pretzel fetish, baking it with spinach leaves may be a good option. The green color also serves as an attractive garnish to an otherwise standard colored pretzel. You can also mix it up with hummus if you’re adventurous enough.

Add to a Trail Mix

You can kick up cereals and breakfast knickknacks a notch when you add pretzels in the mix. Why not? You can also mix them with other sweets like brownies, Graham biscuits, marshmallows, and more candies.

Pump Up Some Protein Power with Chicken or Hotdogs

Pretzel dog, anyone? You can make your usual light pretzel a bit on the filling and heavier side by loading it with protein sources like chicken or hotdogs.

You can try mixing and matching these individual ingredients even more. The fun does not stop with a single combination.

Beer and cheese, for example, can converge to form beer cheese. That’s quite an exciting dining option that you and your loved ones can try for fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment as a pretzel is good at getting along well with a diverse amount of ingredients.

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