Three Pain Points in the Baking Industry and Ways to Address Each One

Three Pain Points in the Baking Industry and Ways to Address Each One

Every industry has its own set of challenges. Even the most in-demand sectors in the food industry can experience certain pain points uncommon to other businesses. If you are experiencing some issues and you own a baking business, then know that you are not alone.

There are three major concerns many industrial baking owners are currently facing. This includes the increase in demands for sustainable business, higher food safety, and hygiene requirements, and workforce issues. Here’s how one can address these three major pain points in the modern baking industry.

Become a more sustainable and eco-friendly business

These days, many consumers are more inclined to buy from sustainable businesses. A survey conducted by Accenture proves that more consumers are patronizing eco-friendly products. Many are willing to pay extra just to do business with environment-friendly brands. The trend goes to show that many consumers want companies to be more eco-conscious from the way they operate, how and where source their ingredients, and up to their packaging.

The good news is there are things you can do to start becoming a more eco-conscious business. For one, you can start by making packaging improvements and reducing packaging waste. Instead of plastics, go for environment-friendly disposables. Investing in organic ingredients, you can purchase locally helps reduce your carbon footprint. Investing in energy efficient-appliances, minimizing food waste, and taking advantage of digital marketing are other ways you can start doing to transform your business into a sustainable one.

Modernizing facilities and improving processes

The COVID-19 crisis made people more conscious of their buying decisions. Because of these, there is an increased need to find ways to ease the wary hearts of your consumers. Improving your facility as well as implementing stricter processes are some ways to address higher food safety and hygiene requirements.

One way to do this is by investing in better and more sanitary equipment. The less contact your bakers have with your baked goods, the better. This can mean paying for modern and more sanitary filling equipment, packaging machines, etc. It is also a must that you implement stricter protocols to avoid contamination and spoilage. Train employees to abide by the new processes in the facility and don’t let sick staffs report to work.

Attractive benefits and streamlined processes


Closeup hand of baker in white uniform making pizza

According to a study, there is now a high workforce shortage gap in the baking industry. Because of this, many jobs are unfilled. Many baking businesses lack skilled machine operators and bakers to work in their facilities.

To attract more people to dive into the baking industry, many have started offering programs at a shorter and more affordable rate. Business is trying to reel recruits with competitive pays and attractive benefits. Many have already showcased their state of the art facilities just to lure tech-driven candidates.

The baking industry has other pain points that need to be addressed even in the digital world. But three of the most crucial challenges that need to be prioritized are the ones listed above. Knowing what problems are present, finding ways to solve each one, and non-stop innovation is what you can do for your business to stay afloat and remain competitive.

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