Three Scenarios It’s Prudent to Hire a Defense Attorney

Three Scenarios It’s Prudent to Hire a Defense Attorney

Reputable criminal attorneys are vital aspects of your case. They are there to see to it that you get the right advice and guidance to help you navigate through the entire process of your criminal case. They are also mandated with the role of seeing to it that the rights of their clients are protected.

There is always the due diligence that you must stick to so that you can ensure that you get legal services that you need and deserve. However, there are key points where you will inevitably require a criminal defense attorney in Marysville or any other city in Washington. Here are some of these scenarios.

When you are facing an investigation

This is a time of questioning. Authorities are trying to get information about a particular crime. They might try to suggest that you do not need a lawyer. They might also try to force you to answer questions the way they want. Doing it alone can cause severe damages to your criminal case.

Keep in mind that you have a constitutional right to have a lawyer with you from the moment you are arrested. Therefore, it is prudent to have one with you to help you answer even the most complex questions in a way that does not impact your case negatively. In fact, do not say a word in the absence of your lawyer.

Assistance from a Defense Lawyer

During your arraignment

This is another critical moment in your criminal case. It is at this point that you are taken to court for the hearing. This entails you getting a chance to hear not only what you are being charged for, but also plead guilty or innocent. Standing before the jury and the entire court audience without a criminal defense attorney can be overwhelming. Things can become even worse when you have to pass by the prosecutor.

During criminal prosecution, a good defense lawyer can help you understand better the nature of the charges filed against you, your available defenses, and the things you should expect after your trial, conviction or acquittal.

When you commit a crime for a subsequent time

Naturally, no one desires to commit a crime for the second time. Most people find themselves on the wrong side of the law unknowingly. Unfortunately, penalties against repeat offenses are often much more substantial compared to one-off crimes.

However, getting a highly experienced defense attorney on board can be a huge plus, as they can always find you a way out of your predicament. They can help you lessen the severity of your punishment, either reduce your jail time or reduce your charge to a lesser criminal offense.

Defense laws keep changing from time to time. Legal systems vary from country to country. These are changes that can be difficult to keep up with unless you are a lawyer. Therefore, calling a criminal defense lawyer during the most critical moments of your case is one of the wisest things to do. Make sure to find a lawyer with the knowledge, expertise and skill level necessary for your case.

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