Time to See an Employment Lawyer

Time to See an Employment Lawyer


There are instances that working gets too uncomfortable because of work-related issues. The work environment develops in a situation where you don’t see yourself working there anymore. In other instances, you feel that you need to defend yourself. Do not feel helpless and get some help. The following are instances where you should get reliable employment law mediation services.

Harassment in any form

It is indeed time to call a lawyer when you feel that you are being harassed. Harassment can take many forms. A colleague or your employer may compliment you on your new dress. Later on the day, they may make lewd remarks that you felt uncomfortable. There are assertive people that address this right away. They warn the individual who made the remark and sees to it that the event does not repeat. There are instances that it proved to be an awkward situation, especially if the person holds a higher position in the workplace. Most of the time the employee suffers in silence or later on, leaves the company. This can be addressed by calling your lawyer. The lawyer can provide solutions so that you do not have to leave your work. Harassment can also take in the form of gender or race discrimination for promotions. In these instances, you have to be careful. You should make sure that gender/race preferences were strongly considered in the individual’s promotion before taking the cause further.

Illegal dismissal

Illegal dismissal

Some illegal dismissals are connected to harassment that did not bear fruit. For instance, your superior implied wanting to date you. You turned down the invitation to avoid complications and by doing so, you find yourself out of work the next day. Make sure that you turned your reports on time and did everything your title or job description demanded of you. This way, you have the upper hand and positively sure that you did not do anything to cause the dismissal.

Pay disputes

When you get hired, you and your employer will sign a contract where the pay rate is clearly stated. Hold on to this contract. You will need this in case your employer does not give you the agreed pay rate. Another instance that you should call an employment law mediation is when your last paycheck is taking too long in the release. When you leave a company, they will advise you on the lead time on the date that your last paycheck will be available. Ensure that you have this in a written and signed agreement or documented in an email communication. If your last paycheck is not released on the day that your employer committed to, you should have your lawyer take care of this.

Employer takes no action on reported harassment

For instance, you experienced a form of harassment from a colleague and reported it to your employer. Your employer assured that they will address the issue. However, after some days or weeks, you experienced the same form of harassment and from the same person again. It is time to call your lawyer. The fact that the person behaves toward you, in the same manner, means that the employer did not take action or the individual just needs to hear from your lawyer.

Getting hired and maintaining a job is a necessity for most individuals. It is vital that the workplace maintains its healthy environment and ensure that you leave the company because you found a new one and not because of these work-related problems. It is also crucial for every employee to understand labor laws to be able to protect themselves from any forms of work-related abuse.

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