Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Landscaping is one of the things that homeowners are keen on as it increases the value of the property. Residential homeowners, therefore, invest in keeping the trees and plants in their lawns in the best shape. Most often, homeowners cut their trees according to their desired shape. Although the intention is good, taking care of your trees as a homeowner is not the best idea.   You might cause harm to the tree, yourself, your property, and your neighbor’s property. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a tree surgeon to handle such tasks. Tree surgeons have the relevant knowledge after undergoing professional tree surgeon training services. The training also equips the professional with relevant skills to handle the job at hand. Failing to hire a tree surgeon will have you make some tree mistakes that may cost you.   The common mistakes that homeowners make when trimming their trees include:

Ignoring Safety Measures

Trimming a tree is not a job that involves cutting the branches and letting them fall. It is a job that requires the knowledge of how to nurture the tree, protect your property and the neighboring property. Such a job requires the right tools, skills, and knowledge to handle the task. Tree surgeons undergo training and have the expertise to perform the different types of tree surgeries. Their training entails the safe execution of tree surgeries to protect the tree surgeon, the tree, and the environment around the tree.

Unsharpened Equipment

Like any job, the right equipment is important if you expect a good result with your tree trimming job. Trimming your trees with unsharpened shears or ax will do the tree more harm than good. The unsharpened blades weaken the tree on points that new figs may grow. Also, the blades will create wounds on the tree, making it less appealing. A tree is also prone to die when it has wounds on its trunk. Therefore, ensure that you have the right equipment.

Trimming in Bad Weather

It is normal for you to prepare your home ahead of an upcoming storm. You should prepare your trees ahead of a storm too. That is because a storm may tear down a tree. When you choose to trim a tree before the storm, you should consider the potential effect of a storm. Usually, after the storm, there is a lot of tree cleaning that you need to do as the tree can grow fresh branches. It is important to conduct tree trimming when the weather is conducive.

pruning branches

Cutting Wrong Branches

You may overindulge when you start removing few tree branches. However, removing branches at random spots of the tree will damage the tree. When trimming a tree, you should get rid of dead branches to ensure your tree is in good health. Cutting tree branches randomly will also leave traces for fungus to grow on the tree. You also risk changing the shape of a tree when you cut the wrong branches.


Tree trimming goes beyond cutting tree branches and includes cleaning the mess. The tree branches and leaves you leave on the ground are a potential threat for falls and slips. Also, the leaves may harbor fungi and other pests that may affect the health of a tree. Not cleaning the ground after a tree trimming job is also an irresponsible act as trees are part of our environment. The collected tree branches should be disposed of responsibly and burned. If the tree branches are huge, you may consider using them as firewood.

Getting Rid of the Branch Collar

A tree’s branch collar is integral for tree growth. That is because the branch collar’s characteristics are essential to the branch’s foundation. Cutting the branch collar will damage the layers and the cells interlocking within each other. The wounded branch collar may take time to heal or may never heal if it is attacked by pathogens.

Now that you know the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when trimming their trees, you should avoid making those mistakes when trimming the trees by yourself. Better yet, you should let a professional handle tree trimming in your property and the other types of tree surgery that your tree may need. Tree surgeons offer professional tree surgery services, which include tree trimming, stump removal, and tree spraying.

Professional tree care services ensure that your tree is healthy, protects your environment, and ensures the safety of your home users. Lastly, ensure that the tree surgeon you hire has undergone tree surgeon training services in Kent and has the right licensing to carry out the job.

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