Turning Your Home into a Senior-friendly Abode

Turning Your Home into a Senior-friendly Abode

Most people dread sending their loved one to an assisted living facility. Some people prefer spending time with their aging parents. If you are in this class, you’re most definitely willing to spend some money in converting your home into a senior-friendly abode. If you’re considering the cost and the changes, here are the different things you can do to make your home more senior-friendly.

The modifications could include installing ramps, a staircase lift, or investing in a Western Airlifts lift chairs to make wheelchair-bound seniors more at home around the kitchen or the home library. The most common ones do not require much alteration, and range from simple equipment such as mats to handle bars.

Get Non-Slip Flooring

Shifting from slippery tiles, epoxy or even hardwood floors in favor of something that is slip-resistant is a great idea. It will improve footing and reduce the chances of falling. If you cannot replace the entire floor, throw in a rug or a carpet at critical places like the hallway. The bathroom floor should get non-slip strips or mats to improve traction.

Besides, make the floor fall-resistant by repairing uneven or cracked surfaces to reduce the chances of stumbling. Ramps should have no raise lips while stairs, where inevitable, should have guard rails on both sides. Have a traction-enhancing carpet and get contrast strips for improved visibility.

Get Appliances that are Safe and Easy to Use

Aging parents might still not be willing to relinquish the power of making a sandwich or whipping up a savory meal for their grandchildren. You can make things easier for them by investing in user-friendly kitchen appliances with big and easy-to-read controls. Avoid sophisticated equipment that needs multiple configurations to do a simple job. Go for straightforward push buttons or knobs.

You can also reorganize the pantry and kitchen shelves so that frequently used items are on easy-to-reach shelves. This will allow easier access, giving your loved ones the sense of independence they deserve without putting them at risk.

Modify the Bathroom to Limit Accidents

Portrait of senior couple standing by mirror in bathroomA huge number of home accidents happen in the bathroom. Making it more comfortable by installing slip proof features and assistive amenities will make it more convenient for your loved ones.

Place grab bars in the bathtub next to the toilet and the shower. The bars must be well-braced to support up to 300 pounds without caving.
If you must have a bathtub, get a walk-in tub. However, install a convenient shower with an anti-slip floor. Most will prefer standing in the shower as opposed to filling up a tub and sitting in it. Add a fold-down seat or bench in the shower in case they need to sit while taking a shower.

Converting your home into a senior-friendly space can be a costly undertaking. You will have to do a good number of modifications. You’ll need to set aside a good sum of money and liaise with a contractor who specializes in assisted living modifications to make sure you get things right.

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