Viscera Cleanup Detail: A Video Game for People Who Like to Clean Up

Viscera Cleanup Detail: A Video Game for People Who Like to Clean Up

Did you know that cleaning up can be a hobby? Believe it or not, some people enjoy sweeping the floor, mopping, and getting rid of clutter. And then there’s the rest of us who leave our homes a complete mess because cleaning is tiring and boring.

Cleaning up seems like an odd use of free time. Most people would opt to use their weekends to have fun on the beach or visit the mall. But cleaning up is surprisingly therapeutic. And the results are more than beneficial for your health and well-being. Studies show that people who clean their houses are healthier than those who don’t. They have fewer stress hormones, too!

Viscera Cleanup Detail Gameplay

If you’re like only a few people in this world who love cleaning, then you might enjoy this game. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a simulation video game where your task is to — you guessed it — clean. It might seem like an odd concept for a video game, but it’s surprisingly entertaining.

The story in Viscera Cleanup Detail goes like this. An alien invasion has occurred and left a serious trail of blood and destruction in a building. Suppose you are a janitor who worked in the building, or you’re a cleaning service franchise employee. Whatever the case, you have been tasked to clean up after the aliens. Your official title is a “Space-Station Janitor.”

Each level consists of rooms that have met the aftermath of the alien invasion. If you’re expecting to see a bunch of papers and coffee spills, you might have to rewire your expectations. In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you’re going to see debris, dead bodies, blood splatters, broken glass, bullets, and the like. That’s not your average cleaning job.

To clean up, you will be equipped with a mop. Other items like brooms and cleaning machines are things you have to find, buy, or win in the game as your level increases. You can also pick up and trash debris with your bare hands. All you have to do is to organize and tidy up the room, freeing it from any proof of the alien invasion. It sounds easy enough, right? Wrong!

Cleaning the floor

Who would have ever thought that you can encounter obstacles while cleaning? In this game, a lot of things can go wrong. The machines can overload or malfunction, causing it to blow up and scatter more blood and debris. You can step on blood and stain the floors. You can accidentally knock down a bucket and spill water. But then again, it’s not a video game without a challenge.

Any time you get too tired to finish cleaning, you can punch out of the game. There is no time limit on the levels, but there are penalties if you don’t complete your job. As you clean up, your progress score increases. If you punch out without finishing or didn’t clean well enough, you’re at risk of getting fired. What happens, then, is you lose all your items and have to redo the level.

The Verdict

From the looks of it, Viscera Cleanup Detail sounds like an enjoyable game — especially for those who like cleaning up. It’s meant to become a simulation of how you would clean in real life, except, of course, with the twist involving aliens and bloody battles.

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