WFH: How to Make the Most of Your Time for Self-care

WFH: How to Make the Most of Your Time for Self-care

Work from home (WFH) has become a part of the ‘new normal.’ Since the first outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, businesses worldwide have implemented mandatory remote work. As we’ve gone through the pandemic for over a year, most companies have now adopted the WFH policy

Ask most employees if they want to get back to their office; 61 percent of them would say they prefer to work remotely for good. This means that the WFH setup is quite beneficial to them in a handful of ways. 

Still, many remote workers face some challenges during this pandemic. Some find it hard to draw the line between their work and personal life. A few others are unable to take care of themselves while juggling between their work and family life.

If you are working from home, here’s how to make the most of your time for self-care:

1. Come up with a schedule for work

The most logical course of action is to create a schedule exclusively for work. Set time for waking up and finishing your work. While you’re at it, allow two to three breaks in between. You still need to have two coffee breaks and a lunchtime even if you’re at home.

However, the rule of thumb here is to use your time only for work. This means not spending your time during working hours watching TV, browsing your mobile phone, playing with your kids, or even talking to your wife. 

Once you’re set up in your station, work, work and work. This might be easier said and done. But a conscious effort to stick to your schedule can go a long way.

2. Allot time for yourself and your family

On the other side of the spectrum, you must also have some time for yourself and your family. Sure, allow your whole eight hours to work from home. However, spend the rest of the time pursuing your hobbies and interests and spending quality time with your family.

Some remote employees make the mistake of mixing their work schedule and personal time. As a result, they spend most of their time working from home instead of enjoying time with their family. Make sure that you don’t prioritize one over the other—strike a balance between the two!

3. Find practical ways to be efficient

remote work

To finish your work on time, efficiency is the key. However, this is easier said than done. Of course, this depends on the nature of your job and how much workload you have daily. Still, there are strategic ways to boost your efficiency and productivity at work. Here are some practical ways to become more efficient and productive:

  • Veer away from multi-tasking. Focus on a task one step at a time.
  • Start with the most difficult tasks to the lesser ones. Or you can do it the other way around.
  • Learn your delegate your tasks or reach out to the right people.
  • Immediately ask for help so you won’t have to waste time.
  • Use the 80/20 rule. The idea is to have 80 percent of your results come from 20 percent of your effort.

4. Set a space conducive for working

Another strategic way to work efficiently at home is to have a workspace. First, find a space conducive for working, whether in your bedroom or somewhere in the living room. Also, set up your workstation and have all the tools and devices you need. Plus, ensure that it has proper lighting, indoor plants, and fewer distractions. Some even install a “do not disturb” sign on their doors during working hours. Ultimately, having an ideal working environment can translate into efficiency, which means more time for yourself and your family.

5. Have some time for self-care

Self-care is essential, especially during this pandemic. However, it’s easy to dismiss self-care and give way to your work instead. Keep in mind that it’s essential to allot some time to take good care of yourself. If you’re wondering what this entails, take note of the following:

  • Proper nutrition: Having proper food and drink consumption can make all the difference. Be sure to opt for healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and even lean meat. As for your beverage, go for black coffee, green tea, and fruit juice like the Del Monte juice drinks. But most importantly, drink plenty of water every day.
  • Regular exercise: You must always have time for working out, even at home. If you cannot hit the gym, set up a workout space at home, and invest in gym tools and equipment pieces. Another way is to jog around the neighborhood or have a brisk walk. Any form of physical activity during a pandemic will help a lot.
  • Enough sleep: Sleep is important for your mental health and overall health. It’s best to have a sleep for about eight hours a day. However, be sure that you have a sound and restorative sleep. If you have insomnia, know what to avoid, such as drinking caffeine or seek help from a medical expert.

Self-care is now more important than ever, given the global pandemic. It’s important to have time to take care of yourself. But we understand that the WFH setup can get in the way. For this reason, consider some of the valuable pieces of advice discussed above. By doing so, you’ll be able to have time for self-care. Not even your remote work can hamper your need to take care of yourself.


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