What Do You Do When You Missed a Flight in the World’s Best Airport

What Do You Do When You Missed a Flight in the World’s Best Airport

Once again, Singapore’s Changi Airport bagged the number 1 spot for being the world’s best airport in the whole world in the recent global survey conducted by Skytrax. But, what if you have missed your flight? Do not fret because you’re in for a lot of surprises. What can go wrong with that? Here are eight other popular attractions you can go to and spend time while waiting for your rebooked or next flight.

Walk with Butterflies

Changi houses the first butterfly garden to be found in an airport. It showcases overflowing and eye-catching flowering plants and a six-meter-tall waterfall that houses 1,000 species of butterflies.

Reconnect with nature

Aside from the butterflies, the airport has a lot of garden spaces for those who want to reconnect with something close to a natural setting between flights. An open-air cactus and sunflower garden is a popular spot, or be magical with the ‘enchanted garden’ that comes to life when visitors enter its grounds.

Have a mini staycation

Passengers awaiting connecting flights at Changi can use their time productively by joining one of the airport’s two free city tours or you can just stay and explore Changi’s endless amenities, like plunging into their Balinese swimming pool that comes with a complimentary non-alcoholic drink which is enduringly popular.

You can also pamper yourself by having a massage at their in-house spa, or if you prefer to sleep and relax why not book a room in Changi Airport’s hotels. Sounds pretty exciting if you’re in Singapore, right?

sentosa sign in singapore

Movies, movies, movies…

An airport with a pool and hotel sounds fancy, but with a movie house? That’s beyond amazing. The airport features cinemas in Terminals 2 and 3 and the best part is it’s completely free to visit, there are new blockbusters and special releases shown, and both are open 24 hours a day.

Art Attack

Well, airports of the world are now embracing the beauty of showcasing extraordinary art collections but there is no other like Changi. It does not just display, but it features modern dynamic artworks alongside ancient ceramics, traditional additions, and Singaporean pieces.

Entertainment at its finest

Most of us are guilty of the idea of airports being so boring, but not Changi. It has some of the best entertainment facilities you’re likely to find in an airport. Passengers and tourists can visit an ‘entertainment deck’ with various computer consoles available for public use, as well as an ‘MTV booth’ where each guest can watch their favourite music videos on individual 50-inch plasma screens. Elsewhere, an entertainment lounge screens popular TV shows suitable for all ages and family zones feature an array of children’s toys and play areas.

In addition, their free blazing-fast Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport and there are free internet stations available throughout Changi for those who don’t have their own devices.

There you have it, do not worry about missing a flight, Changi never seems to fail to entertain, and give that oozing feeling of amazement towards its visitors and passengers. Besides, that why it is the best among the rest.

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