When in France: Unusual Ways to Make Your Anniversary Extra Special

When in France: Unusual Ways to Make Your Anniversary Extra Special

Planning to celebrate an anniversary? Then know that France is among the most romantic places to visit. Thanks to its captivating atmosphere, breathtaking views, and many romantic settings, many couples from around the world add France to their bucket list. Here are some of the unusual ways you can make your anniversary stay in France even more special:

Celebrate with family and friends

If time and budget permit, then what better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than with your loved ones? Surprise your spouse with the best anniversary by inviting the people you love the most. To start, you need a venue for special occasions in France that can accommodate the number of people you’ll be inviting. Complete the event with gourmet meals, tasty drinks, and fun-filled activities.

Enjoy wine-tasting in the Bordeaux region

Do you and your loved one enjoy drinking wine? Then treat your partner to a private wine tasting in Bordeaux. There are lots of private wine estates you can visit during the day tour. Get to know the various varieties of grapes and enjoy the scenic view. Indulge in a delicious lunch date complete with the best-tasting wine in the region.

Visit a historic cinema

Love watching movies while cuddled up with your loved one? Then head over to one of the classic old movie theatres in Paris. There are many historic cinemas to visit. Each independent cinema has its own charismatic features and stories to tell.

Take an unusual stroll at the Père Lachaise Cemetery

A cemetery might not be in your list of romantic spots to take your loved one. However, make an exemption for Père Lachaise Cemetery. This is where the graves of some of the most iconic personalities, such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, and Moliere, are located. You get to experience France’s darker side of tourism and still enjoy a nice romantic walk with your loved one.

Go on a hike in Carcassonne

If you enjoy hiking with your spouse, then make sure to add Carcassonne to your list. You get to enjoy a nice hike and even get the chance to watch a jousting show during summer. There are lots of cathedrals and museums to visit as well as cuisines to try out while in Carcassonne.

Experience a hot air balloon ride

André-Citroën Park offers hot air balloon rides, unlike any other in the world. Why miss the chance to experience an unusual date up in the sky? You get to ride the world’s biggest hot air balloon and enjoy the magnificent bird’s eye view of Paris.

Make your own desserts with French chefs

French dessert

Love French desserts such as crepes, macarons, crème brûlée, and profiteroles? Then you might be enticed to head over to Ladurée. But why buy ready-made desserts if you can learn to make your own with French chefs? Enrol in a pastry and baking class with your spouse, and you get to take home their recipes and serve them to your family back home.

Romantic is not enough to describe the beauty that France has to offer. When celebrating an anniversary in this side of the world, you can try to be creative by keeping this list in mind. Why go for a traditional date if there are other romantic activities that you can share with your loved in France?

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