Why Some Singles Can’t Find “The One” and How Modern-Day Cupids Help

Why Some Singles Can’t Find “The One” and How Modern-Day Cupids Help

The media undeniably makes finding a soulmate look so easy. In reality, however, there is a world full of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, and nearly all of them find it challenging to find a life partner. Why is that so?

Free matchmaking and dating apps may have helped, but for singles seeking long-term relationships, professional matchmakers a.k.a. modern-day cupids have other ways to make that happen. If you’ve been having no luck with those online dating apps, reliable matchmakers can be found in DC area and other locations. They may just be your ticket to finding “the one”.

Do They Only Need To “Try Harder”?

There are some books and articles indicating that to find a life partner, one must meet as many people as possible. This, however, implies that single people just need to try harder, and imparting this mindset on them may not be the solution at all. Although going out to meet people may sound easy from the other side of the fence, it really isn’t; if it were, then there won’t be a number of single people experiencing this partner-searching dilemma.

If a single person says they’re anxious about dating and marriage, there could be an aspect during the courtship stage that had put them off. A bad dating experience could also cause someone to lose confidence in relationships, discouraging them to seek new ones. They may believe that the problem lies on themselves, and so they thought that they could never find a partner.

Despite these problems, it doesn’t mean that a single person does not desire a relationship altogether. They only experience these difficulties because everything they’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. Thus, telling singles to simply go out more isn’t likely an effective solution, though the advice is practical.

The Joys of Singlehood

Woman in a cafeStaying single can also be rewarding. For one, they don’t have to share financial decisions. They are very much in control of their own spaces and lives, and giving up these benefits for a partner can be tough. So instead of pushing these singles to “try harder”, it could be best to help them in a different way, such as appreciating the benefits of being single and building their self-efficacy. If there are psychological problems manifesting, suggest that therapy might help. Simply put, the proper way to help them is by giving them support instead of judgement.

How Professional Matchmakers Help

Pros will conduct an initial consultation with their clients before having them purchase an official membership. They will find out what their clients want in a relationship, what they look for in a partner, etc. From there, the official process will take place or the matchmaker may refer the client to another service that is more tailored to their needs.

After the first date, the matchmaker will check in on both parties about their experience. Based on the outcome, they will decide whether to continue coaching or if the matching should be moved forward. The best-case scenario for the arranged couple is to have their connection build up instantly, but this shouldn’t be expected by every person looking for love.

Dating and relationships can be fun, but at the end of the day, married folks and those in happy relationships need to remember that not every experience is pleasant. Single people have their own reasons and struggles, which everyone has to respect. The decision to find a partner is theirs to make, and once they’re ready to go out and mingle, pro matchmaking is an option if people within their circle aren’t available or suitable.

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