Winning with Wigs: Why Women are Starting to Love Wigs

Winning with Wigs: Why Women are Starting to Love Wigs

For a long time talking about wigs in public has been something of a taboo; any physical improvement was seen as vanity, a topic nobody sees as positive. However, fashion and modernity have changed that point-of-view. More and more women are opting to wear wigs and are very open about wearing them. Some explore using more natural-looking hair pieces such as hair extensions that could be micro-beaded or simply long natural-looking hair. But why do women want to wear wigs? Some might cite the need to boost self-esteem after an illness, but there are other things as well.

Wigs save you money.

Purchasing a good quality wig can be considered an investment. It might be expensive upfront, but down the line, it will save you money. Visits to the salon are reduced. For those with shorter hairstyles, they are required to visit the salon every four to eight weeks while those with longer styles should visit the salon every eight to twelve weeks. The cost of having your hair colored or blown out can add up to several hundreds of dollars in a year. Wigs, in contrast, need to be replaced once or twice a year depending on the quality of hair. Most wigs can be styled when purchased, reducing the number of visits to a professional stylist.

Wigs hide your thinning hair.

Thinning hair among women is common, and thousands of women, both young and old, suffer from hair loss. Weight gain or loss, illness and stress are all known to cause thinning hair among women. Numerous treatments and therapies treat hair loss, but none of them addresses the emotional effect of thinning hair. Wigs cover up areas where hair loss is apparent, leaving you feeling confident, flirty and vivacious.

Wigs guarantee a good hair day.

woman with nice hair

A person’s hair can affect their mood and ruin their whole day; it does not matter if your makeup and outfit are on point. If your hair is messy, it could mess up your outfit. Since most wigs come styled, you do not have to worry about perfectly styling it. As long as you take good care of your wig by using the right comb, the right shampoo and proper storage, you will always have a good hair day.

Wigs can come in different shades and lengths.

Wigs are versatile. If you wish to spice up your style, you need to try a new wig. If you want to try out a new hair color or style, why not use a wig first before making it permanent? If you are dressing up, wearing a wig is a great way to try something new and give you a different personality without altering your natural hair.

Wigs protect your natural hair.

Different hair products and treatments can damage hair. Curling irons and straighteners can weaken them and make them brittle. If you have damaged hair, wearing a wig or a hair extension can protect the hair that is still growing. You give your hair a break from all the harsh chemicals, the heat, and cold to give it a chance to grow back stronger than ever.

Wigs serve a purpose, but for many, it goes beyond than mere vanity. They are fun, versatile and improves your confidence. Find a hairstylist who could help you choose and care for your wig so it could last you a lifetime.

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