5 Ideas To Stand Out on Your Next In-person Event

5 Ideas To Stand Out on Your Next In-person Event

As health restrictions and concerns begin to ease in many parts of the world, businesses are preparing to reopen their doors and welcome back customers. And with that said, in-person gatherings are also starting to make a comeback. In fact, according to the American Express Meetings and Events Forecast, 81 percent of business events are likely to resume in 2022.

For business owners, that means it’s time to start thinking about making your presence known at events and turning them into opportunities to generate leads, build relationships, and boost brand awareness. Here are a few event marketing strategies to consider:

1. Have a creative and interesting booth design

When attracting attention at events and trade shows, having a unique booth design can make all the difference. Standing out from the sea of tables and banners can grab people’s attention and draw them in.

One way to make your booth more interesting is to rent a smart TV or projector screen to showcase videos or slideshows featuring your products or services. You could also use colorful LEDs or incorporate unique elements such as plants or interactive displays.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative — ultimately, a unique booth design can help drive traffic and potential customers to your business.

2. Give out free swag with your company’s logo on it

In promoting your company and improving brand recognition, nothing beats giving out free swag with your logo on it. Not only does it act as a walking advertisement for potential customers, but it also acts as a reminder for current customers to continue using your products or services. And in this age of social media, people love showing off the free stuff they have, giving your logo even more exposure.

Additionally, receiving a trendy or valuable item with a company’s logo can improve customer loyalty and leave a positive impression. So why not consider investing in some branded swag? It’s a small cost that could lead to significant returns for your business.

3. Offer interactive activities that people can participate in

Are you tired of the same old boring events where attendees sit and listen to a speaker? You can shake things up with interactive activities.

These can range from group discussions and role-playing exercises to team-building challenges and creative prompts. This strategy will keep things lively and engaging while encouraging active participation from attendees and allowing them to learn through hands-on experiences.

Research shows interactive games or activities have lasting effects on brand recall and learning retention. So why not add excitement to your next event? Offer interactive activities and see the difference they make.

4. Have employees walk around the event to talk to attendees

Having employees walk around an event can add a personal touch and contribute to a positive overall experience for attendees. These employees are well-versed in the event’s programming and can act as helpful guides for guests, answering questions and directing them to the most relevant sessions or activities.

In addition, having employees circulate the event allows for more direct communication with attendees, providing an opportunity for feedback and ensuring their needs are being met. This presence also adds a sense of security and support for attendees, knowing that there is someone available to assist them if necessary.

Overall, considering the benefits mentioned above, assigning employees to walk around the event is a valuable strategy. Just make sure they know when to approach attendees and how to best represent your company. In doing so, they will improve attendees’ event experience and build goodwill for your business.

a female employee handing out a gift bag to a potential customer

5. Make a video or take pictures of the event and share them online

Capturing memorable moments at your business event can create a lasting impact on those who attend, as well as generate interest from potential clients and partners.

Creating a video or taking pictures allows attendees to relive the event and share their excitement with others. Sharing these materials online can also boost the visibility of the event and the hosting company.

Especially in today’s internet-driven world, it’s important to take advantage of video and photo-sharing platforms to improve the reach of your business event. So next time you plan a business event, don’t forget to document it for maximum impact and reach. Take videos and photographs, and make sure to share them online.

It’s a simple yet effective way to advertise and show off the event’s thriving atmosphere. You can even use these materials for future marketing purposes.

Every business wants to make a splash with its events. After all, hosting a successful event can lead to increased brand awareness, new customers and sales, and improved relationships with existing clients.

There are many ways to ensure your event is a success, but it’s not always easy to stand out from the crowd. If you want your company to be remembered for all the right reasons, try implementing some strategies mentioned above. With a little effort, you can take your events to the next level and see significant returns for your business.

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