5 Headwear Trends to Enhance Your Fits

5 Headwear Trends to Enhance Your Fits

You can be looking for a fashion item to complete your outfit for the day, having a bad hair day, or awaiting a hair transplant for thinning hair, but it all boils down to one thought. There’s a big need for headwear that will give you the green light.

The past year has seen a lot of trends in fashion, some are hits and some are just—disrespectful to fashion’s principle of looking good while basking in the freedom of self-expression.

Say, you’ve got the right trouser, the right top, and the right accessories. But you feel like something’s missing—you look in a mirror very hard. You’re missing headwear to go with the rest of your outfit.

If you’re not used to wearing hats as a part of your outfits, you might have difficulties in picking the ones that will suit what you usually wear. But that’s the fun thing about them—they’re easy to mix up with different styles.

Some use hats to create contrasting colors and impressions that help them, and their outfits get their deserved attention. Some use hats to cover things in their head up.

Whatever your reason is behind looking for a hat, here’s a list you can refer to when you want your hat-picking session to be as quick as possible:

1. Berets

The Parisian flair most people love is quite impossible to achieve without a beret. They’re Parisian style staples that come in different colors of different tones. Berets can also be made out of different materials to match your style—leather, suede, cotton—whatever material you want, you’ll surely find a beret made out of it.

Achieve the Parisian chic without flying to France, get yourself a beret, and match it up with your sharp fits. They’ll look good in almost anything that isn’t blue jeans, a white shirt, and sneakers. You’d have to be more creative than that.

2. Cowboy Hats

Going on a trip to the Howdy State—that’s Texas—anytime soon? Well, you better get your cowboy hat ready along with your boot cut jeans and well, boots. Cowboy hats are really stylish—especially if you pair them up with a plaid top.

You can get more creative by wearing high waist tattered jean shorts, a crop top with a rugged look, and a pair of calf-height boots. You can jam to Old Town Road while you’re at it to get more of the cowboy feel.

3. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are 2020’s most-beloved hats. Their versatility made them the go-to for many fashion influencers that gave these hats the popularity they deserve.

Many pair them up with oversized tees and hoodies while they go for basic and comfy looks, while some prefer to pair them up with casual blazers and some quirky sneakers to provide contrasting styles.

No matter what your style is, you can never go wrong with a bucket hat. Except if you’re wearing a cocktail dress, of course. But wearing a bucket hat along with that is still up to you.

brown hats

4. Wide Brim Hats

The witch chic aura wide brim hats provide along with mesh clothing are timeless. These hats have been a style staple for a long time, and you can see that in films from the 20th century.

Fashionable women from films in the late 20th century wore wide brim hats along with a mesh cloth draping over the front of their face, a long semi-fitted dress, or a blazer with shoulder pads.

You can still rock those looks in the 21st century. You might give life to an old but gold trend while doing so. Neo-noir leading ladies will thank you.

Are hats essential to your outfits?

If you’re using them to get the rest of your look done, then yes. They are essential. But some people prefer not to sport them, mainly because they don’t feel comfortable wearing them, or haven’t encountered hats they deem deserving to be paired with their outfits. All in all, the importance of hats lies in the right style.

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