Firefighting 101: 8 Ways Firefighters Can Keep Safe Anywhere

Firefighting 101: 8 Ways Firefighters Can Keep Safe Anywhere

There’s bound to be a danger in any workplace. This proves true for firefighters who are not only confined in one place, but also go out in the field to save others. Safety measures should be employed, both in the workplace and in the field. From the fire fighting equipment to other details, firefighters should try to always keep safe. Here are some ways to do that:

Basic Care and Protection

1. Firefighters should keep safe while driving. Like any driver, they should be alert at all times. This means they shouldn’t consume alcohol before work. Excess baggage should also be left at home and not be brought to the workplace.

2. If you’re a commander or a team leader, make sure your members’ state of minds is always in check. Talk to them if they have problems and advise to see a counselor for worse situations. This way, you can prevent untoward incidents in the workplace.

3. When working, any firefighter should listen to the commander or team leader. There are no shortcuts when trying to do a job. In case of emergency, stick to the superior’s instructions, clarify proceedings, evaluate the situations, and be aware of the surroundings. Don’t rush into rescuing someone without assessing first.

Caring for Firefighters and All Fire Fighting Equipment

Fireman opening the water hose

4. A diligent driver is helpless when the fire truck and other equipment are malfunctioning. Whoever is authorized to have pieces equipment checked and repaired should do so. The last thing you want is not being able to use gears on the job. This slows down how you can help people.

5. The weather can be unpredictable. Firefighters can be exposed to harsh conditions when training. Keep everyone safe by using gloves and jackets made for extreme weather conditions. If you’re the firefighter, be sure to put proper gear when necessary.

6. Firefighters and commanding officers should work hand-in-hand in keeping the house safe. A firehouse is a place where hazardous chemicals or materials can be found. These chemicals or materials are used to bring out the fire, but they should be out of reach when not in use. Additionally, the firehouse should always be clean. Make sure that there are no clutters to avoid accidents. This also makes the house presentable to guests.

Last Minute Duties

7. Aside from keeping the house safe and presentable, make sure that accessibility is A-okay. Don’t block pieces of equipment and emergency outlets. Also, clear the walkways and emergency exits.

8. Lastly, keep the house well-maintained. Get rid of garbage on time. Check for power outlets to prevent sparks and overheating. Always make sure the house undergo routine maintenance. If there are faulty wirings, have them checked by a professional. Weird smells should also be checked. Keep the house safe by reporting suspicious-looking people. Lock the areas the needs to be and make sure the security personnel is alert with their surroundings.

Keeping firefighters safe is easy when everyone is working together. Whether you’re a firefighter or the commanding officer, you can keep safe by following some of these things. Be safe in the workplace or the field because being a firefighter means you’re a source of strength to the public.

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