Should You Rely on Dating Apps? Here’s What You Need to Know

Should You Rely on Dating Apps? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Finding love should not put pressure on you at all. Instead, it should come naturally in a time when you least expect it. However, it doesn’t mean that going on blind dates or meeting people via online dating apps or a London professional dating agency is not good. It might not be for everyone, but it’s an excellent way to meet new people and a potential place to find love.

Some people date for various reasons. Some people date to meet new people. Meanwhile, some look for someone to love or someone who will love them. Regardless of their intentions, dating has indeed evolved a lot since our grandparents’ time. Meeting new people and finding a potential lover can be quickly done with a few clicks and swipes. But are dating apps even worth your time?

The truth about dating apps

There are a lot of dating sites and apps available nowadays. These websites showcase people of all genders, nationalities, and backgrounds looking for a potential match. You can check out thousands of profiles and determine whether you’re good for each other based on their looks and their personality as to how these people described themselves.

However, some people are not fond of dating apps. One reason is that it reduced their confidence. One man experienced being “swiped” left apparently because women preferred men who were six feet and above in height. He also thought that most people in such apps only base whom they want to date on a person’s looks.

A recent survey by researchers from the University of North Texas revealed that those who used dating apps such as Tinder could have a higher risk of experiencing low self-esteem versus those who didn’t. Just like Ben, men who used such dating apps experience low self-esteem more than their female counterparts.

That is why there are people who prefer not to use dating apps for whatever personal reason that they have. A 2018 poll found that more than 80 percent of young adults prefer finding love in person rather than looking for it online. It offers people the opportunity to explore and experience meeting other people without having to hide behind a fake photo or behind a smartphone or screen.

Is using a dating app the right choice for you?

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Finding love varies from person to person. Some prefer finding it online, while others prefer meeting someone in person. While there are a lot of people who use online dating apps to look for love, there are also many singles who prefer to do it the old-fashioned way.

Some met in their place of work, in the gym, or elsewhere, before giving it a shot at dating. In many cases, many couples started through one of these and ended up being together until now. However, some couples met online and got married happily after a few years of dating.

That said, there’s no right or wrong in choosing where to find love. It all boils down to your preference and personality. As you go on dates, you get to know not only about the other person but also about yourself. Whatever romantic feelings you are feeling should not be rushed, it can take some time before it blossoms into real love.

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