The Simple Joy of Opening a Surprise

The Simple Joy of Opening a Surprise

Children have a fun way of seeing things in a new and exciting light. They’re at the start of their long life and are discovering new experiences every day. As we reach adulthood, it feels like things become repetitive and the joys of surprises have diminished.

Perhaps it’s a good idea to look for surprises and unexpected things in everyday life. No matter how big or small it is, a surprise is still a surprise and will give you a memorable experience.

When Life Settles into a Routine

Adulthood comes with a lot of expectations. You’re supposed to hold a job, be seen in social engagements with your friends, perhaps even settle down with your significant other and raise children. If this is the path you truly want to take, you shouldn’t have any trouble with society’s expectations.

If you have different priorities, however, you might feel that suddenly, life has become a boring — if not annoying — routine. You want to pursue your own dreams, but it feels like everyone is not supportive of it, so your life begins to take on a shape you neither recognise nor enjoy. This is when you feel like you only wake up to go to work and do it all over again the next day. It may feel like you have lost something important, but you cannot even point out what it is.

Release Your Inner Child

Forget about what everyone thinks you should do with your life. Your job is there, you have your set of friends, and you know what you want for your future. What you should do now is to make the most of your life and live in the moment.

Does it seem hard without giving up the things that comprise the majority of your daily routine? That’s because you’re not leaving room for the small surprises to make your life less tedious and your inner child more excited. You don’t need to divorce yourself from the idea of adulthood to make your life more fun. Something as simple as ordering a lunch box filled with goodies to surprise your eyes and tastebuds is a good start, and hanging out with new people in the Melbourne company you work for should widen your horizons.

Surprise in Different Levels

Woman smiling on her commute to work
Adulthood should not be the death of fun. Though you have roles and responsibilities that tie you down to the workplace, it doesn’t mean you have to go home every night tired and having no opportunities to smile at something simple.

In life, we often forget that the simplest things are the most fulfilling. Ordering a different lunch box every day or taking a new route to work seem like trivial decisions, but they’re the minute changes in your day that make it just a little brighter than the rest. Continue to make these changes and you’ll notice your life has become less like a boring routine and more like a daily adventure, with new things waiting to be discovered.

We all need a little surprise in our lives, and it’s not just the big surprises that matter. When you change little details in your day, you open yourself up to new experiences that make your inner child happy.

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