Unique Ideas for a Washington, D.C. Wedding

Unique Ideas for a Washington, D.C. Wedding

Washington, D.C. is one of those places that serve as a melting pot. It attracts people from all over the country and even from different parts of the world. It is only natural that so many romances flourish in the capital. It is an important place for many couples, those who have formed invaluable memories here, and those who have chosen it as their home. They are in luck—for in the summer, Washington, D.C. is the perfect place to hold a unique wedding. Here are some ideas and suggestions for those who want to add a sense of place to their special day.

Go local the D.C. way

Washington, D.C. is full of local talent and is bursting with creativity. For your special day, do away with the commercial, and go local to support small businesses in the city and show your appreciation for the community. Hire local musicians to perform at your wedding, instead of creating a set playlist. You can do this by ordering your wedding dress from a local boutique or sourcing your flowers from farms outside of D.C. You can even choose your favorite local joint (or maybe where you had your first date?) to do the catering. There are also many breweries in the city to choose from to cater at your wedding. This doesn’t have to be limited to wedding decor. Forget the generic designs that most wedding bands for women have. Washington has local jewelers who can create custom-made wedding bands to make the wedding an intimate affair. Use these to recreate a special wedding ring based on an iconic or important design, or design your own. Engrave coordinates of where you first met on the ring or maybe a special symbol shared between you two.

Go Washington rustic

One of the biggest perks of living in D.C. is that it is within such close range of both nature and culture. You will have a long list of beautiful wedding venues to choose from, depending on how elaborate you want your wedding to be, starting from a small outdoor picnic at Rock Creek Park or a wedding at the zoo. Those in search of a country wedding can find farmhouses 30 minutes outside of the city. Couples seeking wilderness can find cabins in the Shenandoahs to rent out. There are also many locations along the bank of the Potomac that will tick off the beautiful and uniquely local criteria without wrecking your budget.

Surprise and wow your guests

Bride with wedding planner

Do you feel like you both have a story to tell and are not afraid of going all out? D.C. has no shortage of unconventional wedding venues. From historic buildings, landmarks and markets for history geeks, to event venues right up in Capitol Hill for the politically inclined, choose something that is significant to you and your partner. You can even rent a museum such as the Newseum to hold your wedding at. What could be more Washington!

With these ideas fresh in your mind, go out there and plan your dream wedding. Remember, Washington, D.C. is a place where anything is possible. Take this to heart and make your wedding uniquely yours.

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